Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Now I am studying at degree level, I just want to graduate my degree as soon as possible with dean list. After that, I want to further my study which still relates to chemistry fields so that I can improve myself to be more knowledge person. I hope my dreams will come true.


I am very dedicated to improving my interpersonal and interpersonal communication skills to be an effective teacher. Moreover, I wish one day I can find my passion in education fields. I will improve myself by dig more knowledge and skills and also doing more research studies in the education fields so that I can be excellent person in my career. In terms of science teacher, I wish I can speak very fluently during my lecture in a proper English language. To add more, I also wish that I can be responsible and disciplined teacher. I hope that I can manage my time as a teacher wisely.


As a teacher to be, I plan to be not only as a teacher but also as an educator, motivator and also as a friend to all my students. I want to build a very closely relationship with my students. If they have some problems, they will share their problems with me.
There are many things that we can do to attract our students like to learn and study. My concept in teaching fields that I want to apply is not just giving my students a lecture to finish the syllabus when entering the classroom. But to make sure that all my students will understand deeply the topic they are learning about. In other word, I want my students to understand both of the theory and applications of knowledge they gained from my class.
I want to teach my students in the different ways according to the standard of my students to help them be an excellent student. I believe that there is nothing impossible to be a successful person if we try our best. In a classroom, I will use PowerPoint slides and video clip and also animations to make my teaching and learning process become more interesting. In addition, I also will use mind map concept to teach my students to make them understand and remember easily.
And let’s not forget that teachers should always be students themselves. Educators continue to learn new concepts, theories and practice new techniques in their classrooms. The quest for knowledge and learning should never end. Like the word, choose a good way, so you will have a good day.


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