Sunday, October 25, 2009

For the first lesson in the ICT class., I was learned about portfolio. It is just like a personal blog which I already had. In contrast, this portfolio is likely for education field. It is about a goal-driven, organized collection of materials that demonstrates a person’s expansion of knowledge and skills over time. The contents, organization, and presentation of materials vary, depending on intended audience and purpose.
Why I love this E- portfolio?
1. can express my thoughts and opinions
if i have something to say, this e-portfolio provide me a place to say it and be heard
1. It is easy to rearrange, edit and combine materials
2. It can hyperlink to connect document together
• Web-based instruction, practice, assessment and reporting built for my state‘s standards
• Rigorous academic content that is both fun and engaging
• Research-based with proven results for all students
• Easy to use (in the lab, classroom, library or home)
• Incredibly affordable compared to other print or technology learning products